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No One Does More For Veterans

VFW National Headquarters is warning Department, District and Post leaders to be on the lookout for a misleading solicitation for services targeting VFW Posts.  
This solicitation can easily be misinterpreted as a bill, invoice or account due statement for website hosting services, but it is in fact a solicitation.  
While the mailing has the look and feel of a legitimate invoice, no payment is required. We have attached a sample below for your reference.  
We have contacted federal authorities to investigate this matter. There will likely be some delay before it is resolved, so please spread the word to your VFW District and Post leaders to ensure no one is taken advantage of.


Download this file (WebHosting Invoice.pdf)WebHosting Invoice.pdf[ ]946 kB

VFW National Foundation Regular Grant

No one understands military and veteran support quite like we do. To help VFW Departments, Posts and Auxiliaries, as well as qualifying nonprofits provide the vital support America’s heroes and their families deserve, the VFW National Foundation has established the VFW Foundation Regular Grant.

Grants ranging from $1,000 - $15,000, will be awarded for activities that directly benefit veterans, active duty military personnel and their families. Requests displaying innovation in service delivery, unique program design that addresses an under-served need and the likelihood of sustainability after the grant period ends will be given special consideration.

VFW National Foundation Community Service Grant

VFW community service projects are extremely important and shouldn’t be hindered by budgetary limitations. In an effort to help VFW Posts and Auxiliaries succeed in serving their communities, the VFW Foundation - the official 501(c)(3) charity of the VFW - established the VFW Foundation Post/VFW Auxiliary Community Support Grant to help fund local community service projects.

Available to any VFW Post or Auxiliary, a VFW Foundation Post/VFW Auxiliary Community Support Grant will provide up to $1,000 for performing important and needed qualifying outreach projects in your community! With an easy and streamlined application process, Posts and Auxiliaries can expect to receive a decision within thirty (30) days of the application submission.

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Department of Colorado's All American Post Commanders for 2016 - 2017

Leonard P. Ladue VFW Post 3981 - Grand Junction
Ronald G. Logan VFW post 4331 - Arvada
Joseph E. Carlson VFW post 7829 - Monument
John L. Kuiee VFW Post 8449 - Bennett

Department of Colorado VFW All State winners for 2016 - 2017.  Congratulations!!!


All State Post Commanders   All State Quartermasters  
David M. DeCamp VFW Post 41 Steven A. Rylant VFW Post 41
David Dater VFW Post 1771 Douglas B. Goodman VFW Post 1771
Donald W. May VFW Post 1781 Dennis Jensen VFW Post 1781
Richard T. Atkinson VFW Post 2585 Steven Kroh VFW Post 2585
Robert Cordona VFW Post 27497 Darold J. Stafford VFW Post 3981
Leonard Ladue VFW Post 3981 Ron Fiedler VFW Post 4331
Ron C. Logan VFW Post 4331 Leslie E. Bullock VFW Post 5221
Andrew A. Tylor VFW Post 6051 Carol M. Kenney VFW Post 6051
Joseph E. Carlson VFW Post 7829 Thomas Dowd VFW Post 7829
John L. Kuiee VFW Post 89449 Robert M. Quinn VFW Post 8449
Michael R. Davis VFW Post 9333 Greg Goettsch VFW Post 9741
Kirk R. Rosa VFW Post 12009 Allisha D. Cody VFW Post 12009

  All State District Commanders

Gary Williamson District 1
Steven Davidson District 8


Colorado Aviation Business Association and Veterans of Foreign Wars Annual Holiday Veteran Food and Toy Airlift.

What is the airlift? Donations from the Re-Distribution Center, Marine Corps League, 20 VFW Posts and Auxiliaries and huge discounts from King Soopers. This is a VFW/CABA with the MSU pilot’s volunteer project to help veterans. We all intend to make the holiday season a little less stressful for our fellow veterans by giving them donated food and toys and a little cheer during the holiday season. We flew planes into Burlington, Pueblo, Las Animas, Alamosa, Walsenburg, and Montrose airports. Over the past 6 years this program has delivered nearly 18,000 pounds of donated material to Colorado’s veterans and their families. This year the project had generous donations from VFW Posts and Auxiliaries and kind hearted friends with a total $4,407.38. This money was used to purchase more food and toys to supplement all the donated food and toys. This material was given to 353 Adults and 65 kids as well as 15 families with children from Fort Carson.

How can I help with this program? You can help with donated money from your Post relief fund. Your Check is made out to Department of Colorado VFW with “CABA” in the memo section. You can gather food and toys at your Post or local business places. Gather these donated items and deliver them to Department Headquarters by December 1st.

My Post would like to participate, what do we do? If you have veterans in your local area that could use food and toys at Christmas is the only requirement. You would need to identify these veterans or families that are needing some extra help and make arrangements to either have them come to your post on a special day or preferably show up at your airport on the airlift day, usually the second Sunday in December depending on the weather. Contact the Department CABA Chairperson to make the arrangements for your Post to be involved.

2017 will be the 7th Annual Airlift and it is this year’s Commander’s Special Project. More information will be coming at the Council of Administration meetings and your District meetings going forward throughout the year. Questions should be directed to PDC Peter Buchanan, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 303-981-1606.

If you missed your local TV station coverage this year, here is a link where you can view our Las Animas airlift. This report was put together by MSU Denver videograper John Arnold who did a wonder job covering our operation.